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Create Online Registration Forms with Style

Create online registration forms with RegOnline and produce the best event ever. Craft and control every aspect of your event's online registration forms down to every minute detail. Your next event can go green when you eliminate paper registration forms and put everything online. Collect exactly the information you want, accept payment online and give attendees a truly professional registration experience.

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When you create online registration forms with RegOnline, you can:

  • Build colorful headers complete with logos and fonts that match your corporate site
  • Choose what information you want to collect spread out over multiple categories
  • Post itineraries and let attendees sign up for events during registration
  • Collect fees of every kind with secure payment processing
  • Sell merchandise, solicit donations and so much more with RegOnline

When you create online registration forms with RegOnline, you are in full control of your next event. Put a professional flourish on your next meeting, convention or event with RegOnline's fully customizable registration forms. Include questions about food preferences, meeting attendance and more and collect fees for each event. Effortlessly collect valuable demographic information on everyone who attends your event and then count on RegOnline's proven analytics to spotlight areas for future improvement. All registrations are protected by RegOnline's unsurpassed security, so attendees can register with confidence. With RegOnline, your next event can be better than ever before.


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